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Lowest Price Guarantee
That’s right ... we’ll not only meet but beat any eligible offer from our competitors. We want your business, and our 110% Price Match Plus Guarantee shows just how serious we are.

Our prices are very competitive, but there’s always a chance that another store will offer the product you’re interested in at a slightly better price. If that happens, we’ll sell you the identical product at the lower price plus an additional discount of 10% of the price difference.

Here’s an example:
    The Magical Rocking Horse Price
    Competitor’s Price
    Price Difference
    Bonus (10% of Price Difference)

    Your Final Magical Rocking Horse Price

To be eligible for a price match, an item must meet the following conditions:
  • Be offered in an online store and currently in stock
  • Be verifiable at a lower price than offered at The Magical Rocking Horse
  • Be identical (size, color, manufacturer, etc...) to the product offered at The Magical Rocking Horse
  • Be in new, “direct from the manufacturer” condition
Price match requests will be processed according to the following guidelines:
  • A competitor’s shipping and handling charges will be taken into account when we calculate their comparative price for an item.
  • Sales tax, if applicable, will not be included in the price match calculation.
  • Any price match request must be submitted and approved before an order is placed at The Magical Rocking Horse.
To submit a price match request, submit our online Contact Us form with the following information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Email address where we can reach you
  • Product name (include size, color, etc... if applicable)
  • Web page address which shows the product being offered at a lower price
  • Any questions or comments about your request
After reviewing your request, we will get back to you with an adjusted price.


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