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Which type of Gothic medieval Armor helmet Should I Assume With This Replica Shield?

You must have asked yourself this inquiry if you are aiming on fighting in the coming Renaissance Fair-even if you are a devotee of medieval knight armor history.  Donít worry!  Here are a couple general principles that will help you establish which type of manner of breastplate to have on along with your special weapons and crossbows.

We all have a favored type of swords, whether it is a replica medieval sword, hand carved cross bow, or Medieval halberd.  And so you have to pick out what to wear with it.  When it comes to choosing medieval chain mail armor to go along with your favored type of weapon, you might want to make certain the style goes with the historic period.  For instance, if you were wearing a excalibur sword with scabbard you would want to put on a plain style cuirass in place of a roman armor breastplate.  The less augmented armour is associated with ancient medieval times and Arthur and the Round Table Knights while the muscled armor breastplate is associated when using Roman troopersí armor.

Perhaps you are looking for a full suit of medieval knight armor to correspond your best-loved style of weapon.  You canít go astray with matching the geographical styles.  For example, if you got a European weapon, you would want a Piece that matches.  The Spanish type is commonly excessively fanciful with amazing details and prominent plumes of vivacious feathers attached to the top of helmet.

What about a armor helmet to match?  This conclusion is tremendously more challenging to make.  The diverse kinds of armor helmets create many alternatives that will function with your weapon of choice.  From our last instance, you had better look for a Medieval Spanish helmet to match with the halberd.  The Spanish armor helmets are also delicately built ordinarily with fancy etchings.


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