September 9, 2021

Sissy Had an E in Her Name

Recently I noticed that my youngest daughter playing with a ragged set of alphabet flashcards. I enjoyed watching her delight in the cards and it was fun to see which letters she recognized, but I couldn't help but feel that familiar mom's guilt over the poor condition of the cards. When her siblings were younger they had brand new cards to study and a lovely alphabet poster to boot! Sigh.

That evening as I sat down in front of the computer I found myself searching for alphabet posters. There were several, but they all sort of looked the same until I stumbled upon the Now I Know My ABC's Stretched Canvas Wall Art. The vivid colors were beautiful and the lower case letters were interesting. This was a poster my daughter would truly enjoy - and the stretched canvas art is designed to last. No more worn out letters. No more mommy guilt - at least for the moment.
I look forward to hearing my youngest say with excitement, "Look mommy," as she points to this lovely, educational piece of art, "an E. Sissy has an E in her name."

September 3, 2021

A Desk of His Own

In college I happened to sit next to a young woman who was in the early months of her pregnancy. The class we shared was Child Development and her love for her yet unborn child quickly became apparent. I, being single and childless, was fascinated and soon we became friends. I shared in the excitement of her growing belly and its promise of new life.

Eventually the labor pains came indicating that it was time to meet this much anticipated baby. To my delight she asked me to be his godmother - "Goma", to her son. Over the years she has been kind enough to return the favor, becoming Goma to my three little ones.

It's hard to believe that it's been more than seven years since his birth. During a recent phone conversation he chattered on happily about his friends, soccer and school. He lamented the fact that he doesn't have a desk of his own where he can do his homework. Spying the Boys Like Trucks Desk & Chair made me think of his comment. I'm sure he'd be thrilled with this handsome, hardwood desk.

August 27, 2021

Toilet Training 101

Ah the joys of toilet training. When to begin the training and what approach to take can be challenging. Some mom's insist that starting early and placing your child on the toilet consistently will do the trick. Others believe that waiting for your child to show interest is best. Still others seem to think that the key to success is tied to the purchase of a little potty seat like this gem called simply: Potty Chair which has a spot for storing favorite books - to encourage longer sitting, which in turn is said to ensure the desired results. There's even a place for a roll of toilet paper just for your child.

When I became pregnant with our second baby I thought with horror, "Oh no, I'll have two in diapers." Determined to avoid that dreaded fate I began the training process with my little one. Armed with advice from more experienced friends I placed a jar of candy on the top storage shelf to reward my toddler when she successfully did her business in the toilet. Years later I realized that this candy trick was a bad idea, though reading books and getting a seat my daughter loved was a hit.

August 20, 2021

Growing, Growing, Gone

I once read that "cleaning your house while the kids are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing." Being one who loves having things in their place I've held to the general essence of the saying, if not the intended action - or lack of action. Kids grow so quickly that accepting those invitations to "play with me mommy" even though the laundry is piled high seems like wise advice and probably a more worthy investment of time.

Just yesterday my youngest one begged me to play out in the rain with her. The rain was coming down in big, fat. It made me want to snuggle up in front of a warm fire, but when I looked at it through her eyes I saw that it was irresistible, beckoning. Together we pulled on our galoshes and dashed through the puddles. It was so much fun!

Coming inside I noticed with a start she's as tall as the kitchen counter. When did that happen?! I don't like to ink my walls, but I realized that I need some way to measure her growth. I like the Rock-A-My-Baby Double Clothestand. It's lovely and I know she'll enjoy measuring her doll - just like mommy measures her.

August 11, 2021

A Horse of Your Own

We recently sold our much loved, but truly tiny little cottage of a home. It was situated in a friendly neighborhood; close to the beach, community center and shopping. I remember one winter when the snow was unusually heavy and, needing food and other supplies, we bundled our little ones up and carted them down the hill to the grocery store in the stroller. As delighted as we were with our home and its location, we realized that we required more space.

Moving was bitter sweet and I worried that we would be disappointed with our new, more affordable neighborhood. Much to our surprise, we fell in love with it and the many birds that visit our yard.
There are even horses roaming in a nearby yard.

Our youngest has begun to plead for a horse. The fact that we don't have the space for one doesn't seem to deter her. Most likely, she'll end up owning a lovely wooden one like the My Best Friend Rocking Horse. I'm sure she'll have great fun feeding wooden carrots and wooden apples to her new best friend and then riding off for an afternoon of adventure.

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