August 5, 2021

Building for Growing Minds

There are some toys that just don't go out of fashion. They seem to be childhood favorites for generation after generation: train set, balls, baby dolls and dress up clothes are just a few. These toys keep kids interested because they invite open-ended, imaginative play.

Building blocks are another classic toy that little ones seem to never tire of. Blocks can be used to create zoos, roads or whole towns. They can be used tools when the grown-ups refuse to allow precious fingers to play with the real thing. Blocks can also be carried in a basket as produce in a pretend game of going to market.

Building with blocks also helps to build growing minds. While playing with these seemingly unsophisticated chunks of wood, little ones learn about geometric shapes, grouping and the laws of gravity. They also develop vocabulary for describing shapes, colors and sizes.

When I saw the Deluxe Rainbow Blocks Set I knew my little ones would love them. The translucent colors allow kids to create a stained glass window in their church construction, or a sky light in the home they've just constructed. These inventive blocks give kids a creative way to play with a classic toy.

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