August 11, 2021

A Horse of Your Own

We recently sold our much loved, but truly tiny little cottage of a home. It was situated in a friendly neighborhood; close to the beach, community center and shopping. I remember one winter when the snow was unusually heavy and, needing food and other supplies, we bundled our little ones up and carted them down the hill to the grocery store in the stroller. As delighted as we were with our home and its location, we realized that we required more space.

Moving was bitter sweet and I worried that we would be disappointed with our new, more affordable neighborhood. Much to our surprise, we fell in love with it and the many birds that visit our yard.
There are even horses roaming in a nearby yard.

Our youngest has begun to plead for a horse. The fact that we don't have the space for one doesn't seem to deter her. Most likely, she'll end up owning a lovely wooden one like the My Best Friend Rocking Horse. I'm sure she'll have great fun feeding wooden carrots and wooden apples to her new best friend and then riding off for an afternoon of adventure.

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