August 20, 2021

Growing, Growing, Gone

I once read that "cleaning your house while the kids are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing." Being one who loves having things in their place I've held to the general essence of the saying, if not the intended action - or lack of action. Kids grow so quickly that accepting those invitations to "play with me mommy" even though the laundry is piled high seems like wise advice and probably a more worthy investment of time.

Just yesterday my youngest one begged me to play out in the rain with her. The rain was coming down in big, fat. It made me want to snuggle up in front of a warm fire, but when I looked at it through her eyes I saw that it was irresistible, beckoning. Together we pulled on our galoshes and dashed through the puddles. It was so much fun!

Coming inside I noticed with a start she's as tall as the kitchen counter. When did that happen?! I don't like to ink my walls, but I realized that I need some way to measure her growth. I like the Rock-A-My-Baby Double Clothestand. It's lovely and I know she'll enjoy measuring her doll - just like mommy measures her.

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