August 27, 2021

Toilet Training 101

Ah the joys of toilet training. When to begin the training and what approach to take can be challenging. Some mom's insist that starting early and placing your child on the toilet consistently will do the trick. Others believe that waiting for your child to show interest is best. Still others seem to think that the key to success is tied to the purchase of a little potty seat like this gem called simply: Potty Chair which has a spot for storing favorite books - to encourage longer sitting, which in turn is said to ensure the desired results. There's even a place for a roll of toilet paper just for your child.

When I became pregnant with our second baby I thought with horror, "Oh no, I'll have two in diapers." Determined to avoid that dreaded fate I began the training process with my little one. Armed with advice from more experienced friends I placed a jar of candy on the top storage shelf to reward my toddler when she successfully did her business in the toilet. Years later I realized that this candy trick was a bad idea, though reading books and getting a seat my daughter loved was a hit.

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