Baby Nursery Themes - From the Store Bought to the Homemade

When looking for baby nursery themes and different nursery bedding collections, you want to think about the accessories that are available for the collections.  Many manufacturers create a multitude of accessories that are designed to coordinate with specific bedding collections. Other manufacturers offer a more limited selection of coordinating accessories. And to save money on the discounts of clearance bedding, you would usually have to make do with limited coordinated baby nursery theme accessories.
If you have a specific theme in mind and desire a lot of accessories, but don’t want to hunt down the different accessories, try purchasing a bedding set that comes with a lot of the wanted accessories. If you desire a nursery full of items from a certain theme, be careful not to purchase too many accessories that may overwhelm the theme of the nursery.
Most crib bedding sets have coordinated pillows, mobiles and other familiar accessories.  If you are looking for a more specific item, try to be inventive in finding, or even making, accessories that harmonize with the nursery theme and bedding set to create a truly original theme.  For a more stylish looking nursery, try using paints or wallpapers that subtly pick up the colors of your theme.  It may be more cost effective to buy a coordinating rug or curtains than buying the actual items in the manufacturer’s theme.
If you are creative and love to sew or paint, you can create the baby nursery theme that reflects your personality for less cost than buying a commercial nursery bedding collection that comes with an abundance of accessories. When designing your own nursery theme, it is important to stick with a soft color theme. Overly bright and busy colors tend make a baby restless. You can buy nursery bedding sets on clearance for sharply reduced prices, but they generally tend to have few if any coordinated accessories. By creating your own accessories you can create a truly unique nursery.

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