Encourage Your Budding Chefs Imagination with Kidkraft Play Kitchens

Child psychologists know that playing is an important part of childhood development.  By simulating activities that they observe around them, kids learn about the world and how they can participate in it.  Many children observe their parents cooking and want to pretend to cook as well.  Since using real kitchen implements is out of the question, play kitchen sets are a must have for the child who displays an interest in all things culinary.  Kidkraft play kitchens are well known for their reliability, safety, durability, and general high quality construction.

Younger children will really enjoy the smaller Kidkraft kitchens that are accessible yet packed with features.  Island Kidkraft kitchens come in both pastel and primary color schemes and feature an overhead toy microwave, chalkboard, enclosed shelves, a realistic oven and range top, a functional paper towel roller, a sink, and a mini-refrigerator, just to name a few.  Larger Kidkraft kitchens feature everything that the island Kidkraft kitchens have, but also come with a freezer, a telephone complete with caller ID, additional counter space, a notepad instead of a chalkboard for taking recipe notes, as well as a host of other features.

You can make you Kidkraft kitchens complete by purchasing Kidkraft kitchens accessory kits.  Kidkraft kitchens accessory kits allow your child to enhance his or her Kidkraft kitchens experience with such common kitchen fare as toasters, blenders, pots and pans, and the other necessities of kitchen life.

Kidkraft kitchens are excellent toys that encourage imaginative play.  Kidkraft kitchens are made of high quality materials and are very reliable and safe. 

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