May 25, 2021

The Problem With Gifts

With three little ones under our roof the influx of stuff can be truly overwhelming. Loving grandparents enjoy showering their little darlings with gifts throughout the year. And of course, there are the gifts received during the holidays and birthdays - times three. Then, add in trying to "rotate" all of these toys and games to keep them "new" for the kids can be down right exhausting.

One friend has asked all of her relatives to give gifts of time, which results in the child and relative enjoying a play or museum together. I haven't been that brave and I worry about stealing the joy a grandparent feels when buying something special for their grandchild.

storage cubbyAnother friend suggests buying plastic containers and filling them with the various toys. When her kids get bored of certain toys she simply takes the container filled with that toy, puts it in the closet and pulls out a container stored there with different toys. This is especially easy to do when all of the containers are the same size and have a designated location like the Storage Cubby. Built of solid wood and designed to hold up to 500 pounds, this piece is both sturdy and functional.

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