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Toile Baby Bedding has Seen Other Styles Come and Go

Published on April 1, 2022

Just as with clothing fashions, crib bedding fashions change by the season and by the year.  Styles enjoy their heyday and then they’re relegated to discount bins and yard sales.  Tastes change, sometimes rapidly, and bedding manufacturers add new designs to their lines on a regular basis to keep up with demand.
But according to a top baby bedding manufacturer […]

Announcing the *Bonnie Sue* Childrens Table & Chairs

Published on March 16, 2022

Our newest addition to Childrens Tables & Chairs is from the Bonnie Sue Collection.  A soft pink and green color scheme combines stripes and flowers in a fun and feminine way.
Details include gracefully curving table legs that give it a unique and sophisticated look.  And a lovely small floral bouquet is painted on the back of each chair seat.   
This […]