Dog ID Tags Do Not Need To Be Boring

There’s a lot that can be done with dog tags, making them the ultimate fashion statement for dogs. The basic dog tag usually carries enough information to help reunite the dog with his owner, but some dog tags can be used in so many other ways. At the very least, custom dog tags can carry a lot more information than just the dog’s name, owner’s name, and phone number, especially depending on how it has been tricked out. It is just a matter of deciding how much money you are willing to spend on a set of dog ID tags.

What kind of custom dog tags you buy depends on your purpose for the tags, which will usually be either security or decoration. While you can mix the two to some degree, it is important to focus on one of the different approaches. Some owners like to be able to track their pets, especially in case of kidnapping, and so outfit their dogs with various types of trackers. Not only can you choose a GPS tracker that fits on the dog collar, but you can also outfit the dog tag itself with radio chip so that it can be tracked via cell tower and satellite signal. This makes the dog ID tags part of a very nice security system.

However, most owners use ID tags for dogs to make a statement. The shape of the tags is just the beginning, although there are a number of cute shapes such as dog bones and flattened balls of different types. The tags can also be covered in various small gems, although it is important to remember that they will be going on an active animal that could care less about how expensive its collar is and more about how uncomfortable it is. However, make the collar comfortable enough, such as making it from leather, and the dog should have no problem with it.

That said, there are a lot of really great custom dog tags out there, and some owners make it a point to have some fun with them. Some will make the tags out of expensive metal and covered with small gems, making for some really expensive tags, while others look for more playful designs, such as multi-colored tags or those that have funny sayings on them. Others like reflective tags to keep their dogs safe. In short, there are a number of different ways to customize a set of tags so that the owner is very happy with them and so that it fits his or her personal tastes and needs.

There are some things to keep in mind. It is not advised to have more than two tags per collar or the dog may start figuring out ways to take the collar off, and every owner knows how clever a dog can be. Dogs do prefer tags that are quiet and can be kept below the throat if at all possible. However, if you keep that in mind then just about anything is possible and you can have as much fun as you want!