Reduce the clutter in your childs room with a toy box or other toy storage.

Clutter is always an issue in kids’ rooms.  Getting and keeping them organized is a daily challenge for both parents and children alike.

Sometimes this may be because of limited space.  If the room is small, it doesn’t take many toys, stuffed animals, games and books to fill it up and overflow onto every available surface. When this is the case, it’s helpful to take advantage of vertical space while conserving floor space.  Childrens bookcases and wall-mounted book racks are good examples of ways to put wall space to good use.  Remember, when your floorspace is limited and you don’t have room to expand out, expand up. 

If your child’s room has plenty of space but you still find yourself stepping around toys and searching through piles to locate that matching sock, chances are that you just need to find a “home” for everything.  Multi-bin storage shelves keep all of those little pieces nicely contained while still allowing easy access.  A roomy toy chest can hold all sorts of items out of sight and look good doing it.  

You’ve heard it before, but probably because it’s true.  “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”  This doesn’t mean that there needs to be strict rules about what goes where.  But having plenty of well-designed storage helps kids to show respect for their belongings. Keeping things in good order and reducing the chaos of disorganization makes everyone feel better.

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