he Best Dog Leashes For Your Walk

Are you looking for the best dog leads for both you and your dog? Is your current lead ineffectual and making your walk frustrating and filled with anxiety? Are you looking to walk your dog or train your dog, without needing multiple leads? Well, there is a way you can achieve both of those aims.

What are the best dog leashes for these activities? Understanding your dog, and what type of leash is suitable, is just a short read away.

Going for a walk with your dog, or training should be fun and joyous. Having the right type of lead can achieve that. The dog leash is the link of communication between you and your dog.

Having a leash that fits correctly and is built for the purpose can not only increase the fun of the walk but is also essential in maintaining the safety of your dog.

Loose or poor fitting leads can hurt your dog, or allow them to escape which could have disastrous consequences. So, which one should you buy? What are the best types of dog leashes? Well, that depends on your dog.

Old faithful

For a calm dog, who doesn’t require any training the leather dog leash is a suitable choice. Connecting to your dog’s collar, the leash is a great companion for any walk. You can find a lead to suit most dogs, who walk calmly at the heel. Leather leads are durable and can be found in a variety of colour combinations and lengths.

The design of the leather walking leash means they can be suitable for both small and big dogs. One drawback, however, is there is little capacity for the owner to vary the distance between you and your dog.
If you want to allow your dog a little more room to explore or to play with a friend, then the leather lead may not be suitable.

If you want the flexibility to allow your dog some more room, then you could consider an adjustable type of lead.

Adjustable leads

A retractable dog lead gives the owner the ability to perform a variety of tasks with their dog. Coming in a variety of lengths, a retractable dog leash, allows the owner to keep their dog safely under heel while walking. It also gives the owner the freedom to adjust the distance between owner and dog.

Teaching your pet to complete a variety of skills can also be achieved with an adjustable lead. The various lengths can be used to train your dog while they remain under your control. Everyone has seen a dog in the park, being trained, running away from their owner and not paying attention. This problem is removed with the adjustable lead.

You can teach your dog to come and stay, sit and drop, all while being safely under your control. This is especially important with the young dog. When you are ready to walk under heel once more, just adjust the lead to the desired length and continue your walk.

There are many choices to consider when deciding what type of lead to purchase for your dog. We have considered two types here. Before selecting what type of lead you buy, take the time to get to know your dog and to consider what types of activities you will e doing under lead. When you know this, you can make the right choice.