How To Groom Your Black German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a large dog with a double coat of fur. It has a thick undercoat for waterproofing and insulation, and a overcoat that gives it the shine we associate with the German Shepherds. Black German Shepherds, like other color dogs, also shed their coats regularly, so you need to brush them at least twice a week. Otherwise they will shed their hair around the house and make a mess of every place they go to. The black hair will also be especially noticeable, so you should learn to groom them regularly by brushing their coat. The brushing should be done using a special dog brush, and there are different kinds of brushes as we will discuss.

Types of Brushes

german shepherd dog glucosamine pillsThere are different types of brushes you may use to brush your black German Shepherd. A pin brush is at type of brush that is used to on the undercoat, which is naturally thick. This brush is used so that it almost touches the skin of the dog. The bristles of this brush are rounded at the end, which protect the dog’s skin from irritation. A bristle brush is used to brush the overcoat, and can be useful to remove dead hairs. its also useful for puppies and for grown dogs, and for longer brushing sessions. If you want to remove shedding hairs, you may want to use a type of brush called a slicker brush. This brush should be used carefully because it can cut the coat; it should be used gently and always used with the grain of the hair. To remove loose hair that is left behind after brushing using any of the other brushes, a wide toothed comb is used. This comb or brush is gently combed over the fur of the dog to remove dead hairs.

Bathing and Drying your German Shepherd Dog

A black German Shepherd should be bathed in lukewarm water using a hose to wet it coat, and then applied shampoo on its coat wrote magazine. You should start at the back of the head and neck, and work backwards and downwards from there. The face should not be washed because you want to avoid water in the dog’s ear, nose and eyes. You should use a wet cloth to wipe the dog’s face. Drying your dog may not prove as easy as you might think because the German Shepherd dog has a thick fur coat which tends to retain water. First off, start by using a towel, and then use hair dryer that has been set at low heat setting. The hair dryer should be held about 12 inches from the coat.

Trimming Nails of your GSD

A GSD does not like anyone messing around with its nails, so it has to be trained from a young age to allow you to trim its nails. Don’t forget about best glucosamine for dogs too. You should make your dog get used to you as you play or handle its paws, and from there you can move on to trimming its nails. As the dog grows old, it won’t mind its nails being handled by you since it would be used to it by then.