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Choosing a Rug for your Baby’s Room


So you have a baby and you’re interested in finding a rug for your baby’s room... But how will you choose? When choosing a rug for your baby’s room, you need to think about decor, safety, and the shape of the rug.


Whether this is your first child or your 15th, you’ll find that parenting your child will be full of surprises.  The first couple of years of your child’s life will be unique and will bring you many happy memories.  And many of those memories will be from in the nursery.  A well-decorated nursery brings both you and your baby happiness, and a rug for your baby’s room is part of a well-decorated nursery.  If you already have a theme picked out for the nursery, then choosing a nursery rug will be simple.  You’ll try to find one that matches the theme well.  If you have a “Noah’s ark” theme, for instance, then you’ll want something related to Noah’s Ark or at least related to faith.  Another option is just to choose a rug that coordinates with the colors in the room.  Coordinating your rug for your baby’s room is simple because most nurseries are either done in pastels or in bright primary colors.  Obviously, if the theme of the decorations in the room are in bright primary colors, you’ll want the rug to be in bright primary colors, too.  The same with pastels.


Another concern when you’re choosing a rug for the baby’s room is safety.  Choosing a safe rug is a simple taste.  First you’ll want to make sure the rug isn’t shaggy. Long fibers in shaggy childrens rugs can get wrapped around baby’s tiny fingers and cut off their circulation.  You might think it would be unlikely for a strand to get tied around a child’s finger, but it does happen- so stick to the short pile for a few years.  Second, choose a thick rug.  When baby’s learn to crawl and walk they fall a lot.  A nice thick rug will help cushion the fall.  Put padding underneath, if you like, to make it even thicker.


The final thing to keep in mind when finding a rug for your baby’s room is the shape of the rug.  It can be a plain rectangular or oval kids rug, but it doesn’t have to- rugs come with fancy scalloping to add interest to the room.  Just remember to measure the area first to make sure the rug will fit- baby’s rooms tend to get crowded with toys and other beautiful things, and you’ll want to fit the rug entirely within an “open” area, if possible, to get the full decorator look.


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Childrens Furniture & Baby Bedding | More Articles