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Beautiful Homes and Gardens Make for Wonderful Childhood Memories

By Michael Usry

What makes a house a home? There are many factors that make our homes special to us and many aspects of the house that become places where fond memories are made and special times are enjoyed. One of my most favorite places in my parentsí old home was our back yard. When I think back to that vast area of my youth it brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart. My mother had a beautiful garden in the middle of a grove of huge trees with beautiful outdoor furniture spread across the area. From my dadís favorite Adirondack chair that he would sit in on cool evenings to my motherís matching pair of teak benches, our garden area was a place where the family came together to relax and enjoy each otherís company.

A lot of the patio furniture that my mom bought wasnít even expensive or high quality. She got a lot of discount patio furniture from small shops across town and was always looking for teak outdoor furniture, which she claimed was the best because it didnít rot in the yard when it rained a lot. This sometimes would cause a hearty argument between the two of us. Being raised by her, I considered myself at the ripe old age of 13 to be quite the garden furniture expert myself. And while my mom always preferred her wind chimes to be made of metal while I preferred wood, so also did she prefer teak furniture to cedar outdoor furniture, which is what I always considered to be the best outdoor furniture material available.

Cedar has this great natural feel to it. I like when it is hewn in a rough texture for that rustic, outdoor feel. The look is great; it has a gorgeous natural red hue and that distinct smell that comes with a cedar board. Itís all the things that remind a person of the great outdoors. My mom has a good point about outdoor teak furniture as well I suppose; when itís polished it has a nice finish to it as well. We may never settle our debate over which is better, but at least I have my own place now where I can have all the cedar furniture I want and she can have all the teak garden furniture she wants out in our family garden.

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